Africa Frist

Since we founded mille collines in spring of 2009 in Kigali we have always followed a strong vision: Africa first. 

At very early stages of the project we decided that we wanted to bet for the African continent not only to establish and produce a luxury African fashion brand but also to distribute it. Thats how we opened in the summer of 2010 our first stand alone store in the city of Nairobi....
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there is something about Nairobi

There is something about Nairobi. Every time I set foot in the airport, I remember that summer of 2010, when Marc was building our very first mille collines store. There are so many emotional memories attached to those days when we were creating the very first one, the store that would give us green light to keep on breathing. I remember vividly Marc drawing for the first time a wooden table...
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Business romance

When you start a love story, everything smells like roses and tastes like fun. We fell in love with our business 4 years ago. That was the start of what would soon become a long lasting romance. We were so madly and crazy in love that we moved into a multi flawed apartment of 30m2 and saw in it only charms. No running water, rat parties at night in the garbage corner, and electricity cuts every...Read more