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millecollines seamlessly blends the creativity, strength and culture of the African spirit with ever evolving global fashion trends.
Our attention to detail and passion for telling beautiful stories shines through every product and experience we create.

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Women We Admire

Women We Admire

A Chat with Ruth Kamau We would like to introduce you to Ruth Kamau: businesswoman, playwright and owner of Ikhaya Lodge and Conference Centre in C...

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How it all began

The mille collines journey began in Barcelona, Spain with founders Ines Cuatrecasas and Marc Oliver. Fashion designers by training, the two were eager to engage in something bold, creative and adventurous.

A 2008 trip to Rwanda and an introduction to Antoinette, a local dressmaker ultimately led to Ines and Marc moving to Kigali where they developed their first collection in partnership with Antoinette.

A year later, mille collines was born.


Born in Rwanda

mille collines was born in Rwanda in the spring of 2009. Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills. This magical place was the starting point of our journey where we opened our first atelier and where all of our products were created. This inspired the name of our brand and continues to inspire our designs.


Growth to Kenya

mille collines opened its first flagship store in Nairobi in 2010. Today we still call Nairobi home. Our products are produced between Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa.


Expansion to South Africa

2015 marked our move to Cape Town and the launch of our curio-city collection. This was an important moment in the brand’s history as it introduced us officially in South Africa. We participated in a moving show where we made the intentional decision to only use models of colour, which was unheard of at the time.

Three years later, in 2018,  we opened our 2nd stand-alone store in Cape Town's iconic Watershed at the V&A Waterfront.