The History of Wax Print: Mille Collines Connection

Popularity grew around the world in the 1900s.Over the years,  there has been a lot speculation as to where Wax Print came from, especially the Dutch connection’ so we felt that we should shed a little light on this iconic fabric that heavily influences the millecollines brand identity.

In the mid 1800s the Dutch were traveling to the Dutch Indies via the gold and spice trade route that went along the West African Coast. At the time, the tradesmen would try to trade Indonesian Batik (Javanese fabric) but it proved to be too expensive and also complicated to make.  Around this time,  the Dutch were fighting against the indigenous peoples in Java, Indonesia and were notorious for picking up Africans to fight for them. During battle, their clothing would get worn out and tattered so they were replaced by Javanese long lasting wax printed clothing.

One year, on their way back from Indonesia they dropped anchor at one of their bases in modern day Ghana. The Ghanians spotted their fellow country men in these colorful garments.



Popularity grew around the world in the 1900s.



Influenced by local landscapes, mundane day to day objects such as woven basket, and vegetation- to name a few, the Wax print is one of the most well known fabrics around the World.  Worn all over Africa by people of different walks of life to being used for the Burberry Prorsum S/S 12 collection , the Wax Print is in a league of its own.



When the team at millecollines sat down and thought…apart from having the best African craftsmanship, clean cut designs and fine fabric there was one thing missing…. ‘what will be our competitive advantage?’


Since the founding of millecollines in 2009, our signature detail has been the mix of wax print and solid print. The wax print is enough to stand out, make your garment an unforgettable piece wherever you may be but more importantly enough for one to recognize a signature millecollines product.

The result from our first collection: 



Our current collection in stores today: 



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