The Tuareg are a nomadic people that roam the vast open Sahara desert in Northern Africa. Tuareg meaning ‘abandoned by God’ but in their own language, its translated as free men. Before the mid 20th century, before European colonization, that brought modern infrastructure, the Tuareg played a huge role in the trade of luxury items from the Mediterranean coast to other more populous cities in the Northern Sahara.

In October of 2013, millecollines showcased their Spring 2014 collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa. The collection, named Tuareg was influenced by this unspoken culture. The collection features long flowing garments featuring geometric prints that reflect the Tuareg’s artisans craftsmanship. From jewelry to bracelets to swords, the Tuareg adorned their metal work with these designs that were symbolic to their culture. Every detail had a meaning.


Traditionally, in Islamic culture, the women wear veils but for Tuareg, the men wear veils which is believed to protect them from evil spirits. Traditionally, the indigo-blue colored veil is called the Tagelmust and is worn from the age of 25 when they are considered to be a man. This striking blue colour that famously gave them the name the blue men of the sahara greatly influenced a handful of pieces in the collection. 


A marriage between structure and flowy silhouettes best describes this collection. Functional yet romantic reflection of the this great nomadic tribe that has heavily influenced a handful of North African cultures today. A modern twist to a celebration of people from centuries ago.