New Directions

In order to to fully embody our motto ‘born in Rwanda raised in Africa’, this year, millecollines puts this into play. As you may all know, we were inspired by the thousand hills of Rwanda aka millecollines. Rwanda is, and will always be dear to our heart. But with this every evolving environment, we expanded our network to Nairobi. With four retail outlets, we have managed to create a luxury clothing chain with a presence in a handful of different neighborhoods in the city, exposing the brand to to different demographics.


This year, we took ‘raised in Africa’ to heart. In the spring  part of the MC team moved to Cape Town, South Africa to be able to expand our product lines and shop experience further. Today, our products are proudly made by amazing partners between Rwanda, Kenya and South Africa. The “Atelier” which was founded by the brand in Kigali in 2009 is now fully owned and run by the local team and they are one of the best workshops in the region. Their space has been re-baptized as KALIZA which in Kinyarwanda means “First born child”. Go check them out if you are in the city. They have an amazing showroom, have made to measure services and produce wholesale orders. You will find more information on their contact in our Facebook page. 

We strive to cultivate different African communities, but we shall never forget our humble beginnings.