MC Experience

Over the past few months, we have been busy doing some “Spring Cleaning”. Every so often there comes a time when we you realize a small change can make a big difference. MC’s goal this new year was to improve the customer experience in-store by creating an exciting and unique shopping environment exclusive to the MC shopper.

Our first project was our Junction Store which underwent a minor face lift recently. What a rush it was for our Visual Merchandiser Charity who was fleeting between fundi’s (carpenters) and craftsmen to get all the little goodies we needed to make the store come alive with fresh displays and intriguing corners and trinkets. Her journey took her to roadside vendors selling colored jars to up market interior designers selling scented floral works all in an effort to create a harmonious theme in store. It meant making sure the carpenters drilled the right holes and used the right material to create the desired look and feel…..and it all paid off.

We would like to introduce you to our newly re-vamped cosmopolitan Junction Store located at the Junction Mall Nairobi. From the gorgeous tiled display unit to the square boxes and wooden logs, we now offer our shoppers the chance to explore and interact with product in fun and exciting ways.

“Small changes can have the biggest Impact”