In Rwanda weaving is more than profitable skill, its a practice that is handed out from mother to daughter, for generations now. Each basket tells some kind of story that translate to hope, friendship and unity. For a country that has experienced a multitude of negativity this is a motif that creates unity for the people.



Similar in Kenya, weaving is passed on from generation to generation, empowering women in communities all over the country.I n the areas of country that often succumb to drought such as Samburu and Turkana, the baskets become one of their only sources of income when they have no food to harvest.





Our luxe jewelry collection that is made in Rwanda is centered by hand woven sisal set in pewter a castrite. Pewter is an alloy that  that dates back to the Bronze age in Egypt then later on was often found in churches in France. Which then leads us to believe that the craftsmanship was passed down to Rwanda once it was colonized by the French.




In the past we have even gone further to incorporate this traditional skill in our clothing.


We pride ourselves in using traditional craftsmanship from all over Africa and creating products that pertain to the present fashion trends.